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We live in a connected world and so much of what we do is now done via the internet.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that at the end of June 2017 there were over 13,000,000 Australians subscribed to some form of internet service, this is on an individual bases and does not include the number of companies with internet connectivity.

  • Allowing customers the opportunity to be able to engage with your organisation, without needing to be physically present is now the norm
  • Being able to provide a good customer online experience is critical in retaining your customer base
  • Providing staff with flexible work options using remote connectivity technologies helps retain the best
  • And being able to provide the information and resources to staff seamlessly and instantly to assist them in making key business decisions, has become a key driver to business success.

The challenge is how can your organisation leverage the current connectivity technologies to secure the best connectivity experience?

With so much confusion in recent years about what connectivity solutions are available, what are the most reliable, what it will cost to implement and use, FTSgloal have developed a connectivity solution to leverage the current technologies, break through the confusion and bring you the most cost effective, robust and fastest solution available.

When you engage with our experienced and industry proven Connectivity Solution Consultants you will be guided through the world of connectivity options, with your core business objective driving the connectivity considerations.

We will work with you to bring you the best connectivity solution for your business and we have partnerships with a variety of ISP’s, hardware distributors and wholesalers so that we are able to source the best equipment and provide the best ISP for your region and business need.

Types of Connectivity Technologies FTSglobal work with:

  • DSL
  • IDSN
  • Coaxial
  • Fibre
  • Dark Fibre
  • Satellite
  • Mobile


  • Wireless Bradband (Wi-Fi)
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multipoint Wireless
  • Wireless Hotspots
  • Wi-Fi Extenders

Connectivity for Remote Locations

Remote destinations are a specialty and we have a range of 3/4G mobile phone repeater solutions that comply with ACMA regulatory compliance and the National Telecommunications Act 1997.

Penaltities for non-compliance

As of May 2011 Mobile Phone Boosters have been prohibited in Australia with fines up to $360,000 if someone is convicted for operating a Mobile Phone Booster.

There are other excellent solutions that significantly improve a mobile phone and mobile data signal that are fully complaint.