Project Portfolio


Freedom Technology Solutions (FTS) has been engaged by businesses across various industry verticals to develop and deliver complex projects. Below are some of the larger projects that have been delivered over 2016 and 2017. This list is by no means exhaustive but provides examples of the scope and breadth of solutions FTS has been engaged to deliver. Projects are listed in reverse chronological order.

Project Title Project Overview Solutions

Hyper-V 2016 Server Consolidation

FTS was resourced to design, plan, source and procure hardware platforms and software applications for this task.

Our engineers built the VM platform separately from the existing physical infrastructure so we could maintain uptime and availability to end users.

Our engineers installed and configured core business applications on VM’s then transitioned SQL DB, RDS, AD, DNS, RAS, File Server, Print Server, Licensing Server from a physical system to VM environment. The VM platform was thoroughly tested and the process documented including the development of high availability and backup policies and procedures

FTS then managed the transition of end users from the old physical platform onto the NEW VM platform.

We then retired old physical server network.

Infrastructure | Application

RSA Archer eGRC Application Implementation

RSA Archer is a Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform used extensively within enterprise organisations for the management of a full suite of multi-disciplinary risk management solutions.

FTS was resourced for this project as the technical security architect service provider responsible for the development of detailed technical documentation that was used to build and implement the platform.

Our Technical Security Architects were also responsible for:

  • planning and coordination of the appropriate technical resources to build and configure the platform
  • manage vendor engagement
  • coordinated the migration from an older version of RSA Archer to the new platform
  • work with the testing team to develop the testing plan, roll out the new platform to stakeholders and business unit managers for UAT then deliver the platform to the operations team

This project had a team of 16 and FTS took on a critical leadership role working closely with the PM to ensure stakeholders expectations were met and the project was implemented successfully and within budget.

Application | Security

RSA Netwitness Appliance Implementation

RSA Netwitness offers organisations Advanced Threat Detection and Cyber Incident Response capabilities.

FTS was resourced for this project and provided technical security architect services.

FTS was responsible for the development of detailed technical documentation that was used to build and implement these devices.

Our responsibilities also included the planning and coordination of the appropriate resources to build and configure the appliances, run UAT then deliver the platform to the operations team for ongoing management.

Infrastructure | Security

FireEye Mandient Appliance Implementation

FireEye acquired Mandiant in December 2013 and rebranded the Mandiant threat detection appliance as a FireEye NX appliance, however, the appliance was still sold under the Mandiant banner until mid-2014.

This project was originally activated in 2014, however, it was disbanded when the company developed other priorities.

The project was reactivated in December 2016 and FTS was resourced to provide technical security architecture services and leadership to coordinate the development of detailed technical documentation that was used to build and implement the devices.

Our Security Engineers also planned and coordinated the appropriate resources to build and configure the appliances, run UAT then deliver the platform to the operations team.

Infrastructure | Security

Rapid 7 NeXpose Implementation & End Point Agent Deployment

FTS was contracted to set up and configure Rapid 7 NeXpose vulnerability scanner across all subnets of a complex enterprise network environment.

Our Security engineers succeeded in:

  • deploying and configuring NeXpose endpoint agents
  • building scheduled scans for Test, PSUP and PROD environments
  • configuring Firewall rules to allow the scan to capture network traffic across all domains
  • building meaningful reports for management
  • and assisted with the XML feed development into RSA Archer eGRC security application.
Application | Security

Migration to Office 365 Enterprise / Azure

This project was based on the client’s requirement for a more accessible, secure and robust mobility solution. With Microsoft building data centres in NSW and VIC, this organisation was ready to explore the Office 365 Enterprise and Azure Solutions.

FTS was resourced to develop a technical architecture design with implementation strategies and take the technical lead for the implementation and configuration of the project.

Our Engineers managed the migration of onsite data to the enterprise cloud.

Our responsibilities also extended to managing the retirement and decommissioning of the onsite infrastructure

Infrastructure | Application

Implementation of ITIL HelpDesk Ticketing System

This requirement was based on Windows Server 2012R2 running IIS8 on the ASP and .NET Framework with a SQL Server 2012 backend.

The original ticketing system was in-house and needed to be migrated to a cloud-based system. FTS partnered with a provider of hosted servers and installed the OS together with the required feature set to accommodate the web application.

Our engineers migrated the SQL database from an on-site Windows system to cloud-based system, tested data integrity before going live.

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